Poem: We Have Not Forgotten

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In 1944, Soviet Armenian writer Gevorg Abov wrote a poem entitled, “Menk Chenk Moratsel” («Մենք չենք մոռացել» – “We Have Not Forgotten”). In his poem, he criticized the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) and its entire membership for being traitors of the Armenian nation and its people.

In his poem, Abov criticized the ARF and its entire membership for being traitors of the Armenian nation and its people. (Graphic: Rupen Janbazian)

“Menk Chenk Moratsel” touched a nerve with renowned Armenian author Andranik Tzarukian. His response to Abov came in the form of a lengthy, powerful poem entitled, “Tught ar Yerevan” («Թուղթ առ Երեւան» – “Letter to Yerevan,” 1945).

Although Abov had addressed his poem to the entire ARF, Tzarukian felt it was his responsibility to respond and to disclaim Abov.

On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the establishment of the First Republic of Armenia (1918-1920), the Armenian Weekly announced that it will be periodically publishing the English translation of “Tught ar Yerevan.”

Below is the translation of Abov’s “Menk Chenk Moratsel” (“We Have Not Forgotten”).


We Have Not Forgotten

Mother with lost son,
Sons orphaned,
In our ravaged land…
By whose betrayal?
We have not forgotten!

Who had sold
To the ravenous wolf
Our people and
Nailed to the rock
Bleeding and naked
Young and the old?
We have not forgotten!

You! Dahsnak hounds,
Who forced the Armenian
Peasant to his knees
And emptied your Mauser
Up his heart…That,
We have not forgotten!

You had spread both
Blood and blaze
For the blood-thirsty
Black Moloch of yours
To share a tidbit
Of his vast plunder…
That, we have not forgotten!

That you turned
Into the gory
Hounds of war
Of vile Fascism, licking
The bloody paw
Of the hyena…
We have not forgotten!

We do not forget,
That we shall banish you
From the face of the earth
Along with Fascism
With no trace of you left…
We have not forgotten.


Gevorg Abov
Yerevan, 1944

Translated by Tatul Sonentz-Papazian and Rupen Janbazian

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Poem: We Have Not Forgotten