Prelacy Honors the Late Berdj Garabedian at Pillars Dinner

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WATERTOWN, Mass.—Berdj Garabedian understood that preserving Armenian culture is the sacred and ultimate duty of every Armenian.

Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan with the Garabedian family (Photo: Tamar Kanarian)

His remarkable collection of metalwork is a testament to his passion and commitment toward that endeavor.

A gathering of close to 80 people turned out at the Armenian Museum of America on April 16 to recognize his work as well as pay tribute to the pillars of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

His Grace Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan presented the coveted Mesrop Mashtots Medal posthumously to members of Garabedian’s family, while an exhibit of his works was launched in the Simourian Family Gallery.

“Berdj was a simple man whose work spoke volumes,” said the prelate. “He left behind his seal of greatness in the arts, donating time and money to formulate this collection. His love for the arts portrays his nationhood. He carried with him such values of faith and hope. Nobody can destroy that.”

There to accept the medal were members of his family: daughters Sossi and Zovig Garabedian, along with Hourig Van Homeijer, and granddaughter Tamar De Long, her husband Harold, and daughter Cheyenne. Each of them embraced the moment and the tender words that were passed their way.

Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan with the Garabedian family
(Photo: Tamar Kanarian)

The evening’s intent was to honor the existing Prelacy Pillars in the Greater Boston area and encourage new membership featuring $1,000 annual contributions.

“When we think of a pillar, we think of abstract words like strength, power, support, and force,” the prelate said. “It remains a shining example of visionary leadership that is steadfast in purpose.”

The evening belonged to Garabedian, a Lebanese-born Armenian who passed in 1984, but not before etching a vital name for himself in the medium.

Michele Koligian gave a stirring presentation entitled, “The Berdj Garabedian Collection.”

As one of the leading Armenian numismatists and specialists in Armenian antiquities, Garabedian used his art as a research tool to increase our appreciation and understanding of Armenian civilization.

He enthusiastically shared that knowledge with those who were interested in the ancient and medieval cultural heritage of Armenia, according to historian Y. T. Nercessian.

A presentation titled, “The Pillars of the Prelacy: Serving to Preserve,” was presented by Hagop Antranigian and Karen Jehanian.

The program also included the Reading of the Encyclical of His Holiness Catholicos Aram 1.

The evening ended with the singing of “Giligia.”


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Prelacy Honors the Late Berdj Garabedian at Pillars Dinner