Prime Minister Serge Sarkisian Is an Inspired Choice

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Special to the Armenian Weekly 

I am flabbergasted. Confused even. I am scratching my head as I read posts and articles from cynical and shortsighted people, who are criticizing the likely appointment of current President Serge Sarkisian as the Republic of Armenia’s next Prime Minister.

Serge Sarkisian (Photo: EPP)

The criticism that is being leveled against people who are openly backing Sarkisian—both from within his Republican Party (RPA) and outside of it—is plain unfair.

These criticized people are declaring that Sarkisian is the best choice to lead Armenia; sometimes saying he is the only option for progress, and the surefire way we can ensure the country remains secure. He has even been lauded as experienced—as someone who can mentor the next generation of Serge Sarkisians to lead Armenia.

Surely, this is all correct and accurate.

OK, I accept that there is the small matter about his record. But why are we foolishly focusing on what he has done instead of what he might one day do?

It’s enough already.

Stop repeating that 370,000 have emigrated from Armenia during his Presidency. This is true, but who cares?

Stop repeating that Armenia has a 30% poverty rate after 10 years of Sarkisian’s rule. This is true also, but so what?

Stop repeating that Sarkisian, who signed the flawed Armenia-Turkey Protocols, is the leadership choice of the oligarchs and monopolies destroying Armenia. This too might be true, but why don’t you let it go?

Stop repeating that Sarkisian himself said he will not continue his rule over Armenia into a third term, not as president nor as prime minister, and that he said he doesn’t believe any single individual should rule for over 10 years. You say tomato, I say tomahto. And if he was always honest, he wouldn’t be a very good politician.

I get it.

Many said at the time that Serge Sarkisian accepted the Constitutional Reforms designed to transform Armenia into a democratic parliamentary government, only to take the decidedly undemocratic step of continuing his rule as prime minister. It now seems like these people were not wrong, and their faith in the promised new era of democracy will sink to a new low. But why do we always have to sweat the details?

It is time for us to stop being cynical. It is time for us to accept that Armenia’s next Prime Minister will be Serge Sarkisian. And he will be the best. He will keep the borders safe. He will prepare another generation of leaders like himself.

Let’s rejoice!


Note: Haig Kayserian’s last op-ed for the Armenian Weekly, published last July, was entitled “President Sarkisian Must Declare He Will Not Become Prime Minister.” And in case you couldn’t already tell, this latest piece (“Prime Minister Serge Sarkisian Is an Inspired Choice”) was purely satirical. 

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