Proper Use of Time

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For many, the New Year and the Feast of Nativity present a unique opportunity for contemplation and self-evaluation; a chance where people reflect upon a period of their lives which will never return. During this time, people also look forward to the New Year and attempt to refine their lives.

Time is an integral part of the universe and human nature. Human beings can, in so many ways, have the chance to make good use of time, whose ending may have many different results. Time is the essence for human beings to survive in this world, without which one cannot comprehend and appreciate one’s life and works.

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul the Apostle writes, “Be careful then how you live, not as unwise people but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil (5.15-16).” Behold a teaching, which mankind has a dire need to follow, a guidance that above all, emphasizes to be vigilant of one’s lifestyle.

The life we live is a reflection of our character, beliefs, and identity. One’s lifestyle may serve as an example to others who may decide to emulate the lifestyles of those around them. This can be a tremendous responsibility on our part, consciously making the path we choose in our own lives a “guide,” ultimately positively or negatively impacting others.

To live wisely means to live a life that is based on goodness, kindness, and great virtue. In this passage, the Apostle Paul does not refer to wisdom that is guided by earthly or material merits, but of one that recognizes how to utilize the passage of time for the sake of goodness, righteousness, and peace. One’s Earthly life is a period where one lives as a physical being to try and free one’s spiritual life and liberate it from a world full of evil and sin. Man uses his/her time to achieve timelessness and reach eternity.

The coming of the New Year is a golden opportunity for humanity to reach a level of wisdom that is not bound by time, but a level of insight that serves as a nexus from meaninglessness to a more enduring wisdom. With the birth of Christ, human life and time became more meaningful, because mankind witnessed the Son of God. His existence gave new meaning to the concept of time, and led the believers to an eternal life. Even though much evil exists in this world in these days, the seeds of goodness have been sown in every human, which can flourish if we allow it. It is essential that these gifts of goodness and love be utilized — passed on — and in time, by continuing to spread these gifts, we will bring peace, love and goodness to this world.

In the current state of affairs, it is imperative for the Armenian people to utilize time in the name of preserving, employing, and advancing our national and spiritual values.  The time is now to empower ourselves with Christian and Armenian values and impart such values to future generations, so that life is lived with wisdom, appreciation, and by valuing the present.

Christ is Born and Revealed; Blessed is the Revelation of Christ.

Source: Asbarez
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