Providence ARF Welcomes Bureau Member to Rhode Island

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PROVIDENCE, R.I (A.W)—The Providence Kristapor gomideyutiun was privileged and honored to receive Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau member Giro Manoyan, who was visiting from Armenia, on May 17.

Manoyan with members of the Providence ARF

The gathering in Providence took place on at the Stephen J. Varadian ANC Center.  Unger Manoyan was welcomed to Providence by gomideh chairman Hagop Donoyan.  Ungers from Providence and Boston attended the special gathering to hear remarks from a member of the party’s leadership.

Manoyan provided a detailed account of current affairs in Armenia and Artsakh. He also spoke of the party’s platform in Parliament and its relationship with the Armenian government.

The question and answer period that followed was lengthy, as many ungers were interested about the issues covered in his presentation.  Mnaoyan’s fluency in English was beneficial during this discussion period.

Manoyan during his presentation

Manoyan was quick to notice the camaraderie that exists in this community. Unger Donoyan pointed out to him that we work as a team, and while we may have differing opinions, all voices are heard in order to serve our community in a constructive and harmonious way.

The traditional Providence hospitality was remarkable and the buffet included countless Armenian delicacies of hot and cold dishes.

The Providence gomideyuitun thanks unger Manoyan for his informative discussion, and looks forward to future visits.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Providence ARF Welcomes Bureau Member to Rhode Island