Putin Appoints Official Representative of Joint Russian-Armenian Military Force

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MOSCOW, Russia (A.W.)—On June 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an order appointing Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov as the Russian President’s official representative to the joint military force with the Armenian Armed Forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: official website of the Kremlin)

In Nov. 2016, the Defense Ministers of Russia and Armenia, Sergey Shoygu and Vigen Sargsyan, signed an agreement establishing joint troops between the two countries in a deal approved by President Putin a month earlier.

After the signing of the agreement, the Armenian Defense Minister had stated that the combined troops will be deployed at the 102nd Russian Military Base in Gyumri. “The main task of the United Group of Troops is to identify preparation of military aggression against Armenia and Russia in a timely manner and to repel it jointly with the armed forces of Armenia and Russia,” said Sargsyan.

Azerbaijani lawmakers condemned last year’s Russian-Armenian agreement, stating that it shows proof of Russian support for Armenia in the Artsakh conflict.

According to Putin’s June 27 order, the commander of the joint group is appointed by the Supreme commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Russia. The directives of the operative management addressed to the group are drafted by the southern military district of Russia and operative department of the General Staff of Armenian Armed Forces. In peaceful time, the commander of the group is accountable to the General Staff of Armenia, while during times of war the commander may also be accountable to the Commander of Southern Military District of Russia.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Putin Appoints Official Representative of Joint Russian-Armenian Military Force