Russia to Grant Arms to CSTO Member States

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The Ministry of Defense of Armenia (Photo: Ministry of Defense of Armenia)

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia (Photo: Ministry of Defense of Armenia)

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—Russia will grant weapons to CSTO member states Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belarus in 2018-2019.

Nver Torosyan, director of Armenia’s CSTO institute, said the supply is of helicopters, air defense systems and heavy military equipment.

“They had to be supplied back in 2015-2016, but because of the crisis, Russia was unable to do so. To our delight, there is already an agreement to carry out the supply in 2018-2019,” he said.

According to Torosyan, in terms of security Armenia will advance one step ahead with this supply.

Torosyan reassured that it is due to CSTO that the periodically heard aggressive statements from neighbor countries remain on the level of statements.

“The role of CSTO here is more of a suppressive,” he said.

Speaking on rumors of the stationing of a Turkish military base in Nakhijevan, Torosyan said they are just rumors.

“If indeed the military base were to be stationed by Turkey’s adventurism, not only will the CSTO negatively treat this fact, but also the international community,” he said.

Under the Armenian-Russian defense cooperation program, the supply of armaments within the frames of Armenia-Russia 200 million USD interstate loan is being carried out without delays, in a set time frame, Levon Ayvazyan, head of the Defense Ministry’s defense policy department, said at a meeting with reporters on May 23.

He said even the supply of certain types of arms is being carried out ahead of time. “We have specific agreements with Russia which allow Armenia to carry out cooperation with Russia in military-technical field at specific terms, for instance we can buy arms, military technique from Russia with domestic prices. This is a great advantage and unique privilege for our country,” Ayzavyan said.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Russia to Grant Arms to CSTO Member States