Rustamyan: ARF to Take Part in Parliamentary Elections with Own List

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The leader of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s (ARF) Parliamentary faction and head of the party’s political affairs Armen Rustamyan told reporters on Feb. 10 that the ARF will not join any political blocs or alliances ahead of the April 2 Parliamentary Elections.

Armen Rustamyan (Photo: PanArmenian Photo)

“The ARF has taken part in several elections and we have certain estimates about the votes we possess throughout the country. There are candidates , who apart from being ARF members, have proved their dedication to our ideas and programs for years,” Rustamyan said.

Rustamyan added that the party is set to participate in the elections with their own list, and that the ARF’s rating lists are currently being finalized with candidates representing all electoral areas.

“We need stability today, which is something [other parties] lack. The stability provides us with opportunity to compose our list, relying on our electorate, maintaining and multiplying it,” explained Rustamyan, who noted that the party list will not only include ARF members but also non-partisan supporters.

Rustamyan did not rule out possibility of entering into another coalition with the ruling Republican Party (RPA), saying that he did not foresee one party gaining a majority alone.  “I believe in the new quality of the forthcoming elections and no one may gain majority alone, yet I do not rule out the possibility of forming a coalition after the first round and form a coalition cabinet in line with the Law on Elections,” Rustamyan said.

In a separate interview, ARF Bureau chair Hrant Markarian confirmed that Armen Rustamyan will be heading the ARF’s election list.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Rustamyan: ARF to Take Part in Parliamentary Elections with Own List