Rustmayan: No Truth to Reports of ARF Armenia-Diaspora Rift

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YEREVAN (A.W.) – The leader of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Parliamentary Faction and member of the ARF Bureau Armen Rustamyan refuted the rumors that the ARF in Armenia would no longer receive funding from ARF bodies in diaspora.

Armen Rustamyan (Photo: PanArmenian Photo)

Responding to the news that was disseminated by several media outlets in Armenia on Dec. 6-7, Rustamyan assured journalists at the National Assembly that there is no truth to the reports that there is a rift in the party. “There is no source to this news. Attempts to find problems within are organizations are always being made, but it has not affected us, since we do not have any issues with what was said and we continue to move forward,” Rustamyan told reporters.

“The ARF is funded by legal means like it always has been,” replied Rustamyan when asked if the ARF in the diaspora will continue to fund the work of the ARF in Armenia. “We do not look for methods to cheat to financial system,” said Rustamyan.

He reminded once again that the ARF was ready for open cooperation framed their adopted ideas.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Rustmayan: No Truth to Reports of ARF Armenia-Diaspora Rift