SARF’s ‘SAVE A LIFE’ Telethon to Aid Syrian Armenians

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SARF' "Save a Life" Telethon

SARF’ “Save a Life” Telethon

GLENDALE—The Syrian conflict is reaching its five-year landmark.

Unfortunately, as the war in Syria goes on, cities, towns and villages are being destroyed, homes are being leveled to the ground, families are being shattered, and most sadly, the bloodshed continues and innocent lives are being lost to brutality.

Tens of thousands of families have been dislocated, unsheltered. Hundreds of thousands of civilians lack the very basic necessities of human dignity, water, food, roof and warmth to say the least.

The atrocities have left our compatriots extremely vulnerable. The vast destruction of civic and human infrastructures have turned cities like Aleppo, one of the oldest cities in the world, once the largest city and economic hub of Syria, and the oldest Armenian community of Diaspora, into devastated and dysfunctional ghost towns.

Syrian Armenian Relief Fund

Syrian Armenian Relief Fund

Witnessing inhumanity, however, is strengthening our humanness and our commitment to serving our people who are in dire need. Our compatriots in Syria are the brink of perishing every moment. Yet, they are surviving at very high cost.

To extend a helping hand and provide our compatriots in Syria with the light of hope, the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund announced its upcoming “SAVE A LIFE” Telethon, which will take place on February 21, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Soon, we will celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. While we think about our parties, food and presents, let’s think about those who might not make it to the next day, and let’s “SAVE A LIFE”. A precious life of a compatriot who is not thinking about the turkey dinner, who is not even able to dream about Santa Claus and the presents he would bring, instead they are dreaming only of a sip of water, a bite of bread, a piece of warm cloth and a tomorrow without war.

It’s in our hands…

We at SARF are confident that our community, while enjoying the safety and the abundance of resources here, will committedly do its part to SAVE A LIFE of someone who might otherwise lose their life.

Until and on February 21, 2016 let’s “SAVE A LIFE.”

Contact SARF at P.O. Box 1948, Glendale, CA 91209-1948 or via email at

The telethon committee may be reached at or by phone at 866-888-SARF(7273).

Source: Asbarez
Link: SARF’s ‘SAVE A LIFE’ Telethon to Aid Syrian Armenians