Shirvanian Youth Center in Gyumri Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

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VIEW PHOTO GALLERY: A cultural program is presented during the Shirvanian Youth Center's 2nd Anniversary Celebration Event
A young boy reads a pamphlet providing information on the Shirvanian Youth Center's programs and activities
Gohar Karapetyan, Manager/Program Coordinator of the Shirvanian Youth Center, delivers opening remarks to guests

In July 2016, the Armenian Cultural Foundation’s “We Are Gyumri” Committee completed successful renovation and opened the Shirvanian Youth Center (SYC) in Gyumri, Armenia. The Shirvanian Youth Center allows for youth of all ages to join together for cultural, educational, and social gatherings, as well as lessons.

Alongside the operation of the SYC, the “We Are Gyumri” campaign also includes the Mina Shirvanian Scholarship Fund, which is intended for undergraduate students in the Shirak Province.

On July 15, 2018, the SYC held a successful event celebrating its second anniversary. Attendees first gathered in the courtyard of the Center, where the SYC’s Manager/Program Coordinator Gohar Karapetyan welcomed guests, reported on the Center’s activities and the number of participants which exceed 170 youth, and spoke about volunteerism, as well as the Center’s numerous programs.

Following her remarks, two young children spoke about their experiences at the center and activities they engage in, one in Armenian and one in English. A dance group also performed several dances for spectators. Deputy of the Shirak Province Governor and the Cultural Director of Gyumri Municipality were in attendance and delivered speeches.

Guests enjoyed a reception at the Shirvanian Youth Center

Guests enjoyed a reception at the Shirvanian Youth Center

Guests in attendance were extremely impressed with the Center’s activities, especially the Scholarship Fund, as well as the volunteer work performed by scholarship recipients at the Center.

Following the official ceremony, guests were invited into the Shirvanian Youth Center to watch a video portraying the Center’s wide-ranging activities. A reception was then hosted in the hall and celebrations continued with songs and dance.

The mission of the “We Are Gyumri” Campaign is to create a positive and lasting impact on youth in Gyumri, Armenia. The campaign restructured and renovated the Shirvanian Youth Center in Gyumri, Armenia, that had been destroyed in the 1988 Spitak earthquake. Further, a year-round functional program was created at the center to teach youth in Gyumri everyday skills, to provide them with the essentials they need for a brighter future, and to serve as a bridge between youth in Gyumri and their peers in the Diaspora. As another component of the campaign, the “We Are Gyumri” Mina Shirvanian Scholarship Fund is intended for residents of the Shirak Province to pursue their undergraduate education in their native region.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Shirvanian Youth Center in Gyumri Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary