St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School 2016 Graduation Ceremonies

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WATERTOWN, Mass.—In June 2016, St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School (SSAES) successfully completed its 32nd academic year. The Graduation Ceremonies were held on June 16 (K) and June 17 (Elementary).

A scene from the Kindergarten graduation ceremony

In her remarks, school principal Mrs. Houry Boyamian focused on:

– The 13th Graduating Class Trip to Armenia

– The Annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Week and the Science Fair

– The School’s 30th Anniversary

– And the Visit to the school of the President of the Republic of Armenia and his delegation

The kindergarten graduates performing an Armenian dance

Boyamian thanked the faculty, the administrative staff, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), the parent volunteers, the school board and committees, the St. Stephen’s Church board of trustees, Rev. Fr. Archpriest Antranig Baljian, as well as all the organizations and individuals that contribute to the advancement of the school.

On June 16, Mrs. Boyamian honored Mrs. Maral Derderian for 25 years of dedicated service in the preschool and on June 17, she honored two administrators. Nora Hacket received the Golden Logo of the school for her 15 years of dedicated service as assistant treasurer and Arlet Ashjian received the Silver Logo of the school for her 10 years of dedicated service as administrative assistant.

Arlet Ashjian is honored for her 10 years service

This year, the Kindergarten graduation program was dedicated to “Peace,” while the Elementary graduation program focused on the 30th anniversary of the school, the 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Armenia, as well as on Community Service, as His Holiness, Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia declared 2016 the Year of Service.

Nora Hacket is honored for her 15 years of service

On both days, Archpriest Antranig Baljian expressed his appreciation to the administration and faculty for their dedication and effort.

Maral Derderian honored for her 25 years of service

On June 16, 21 students graduated from Kindergarten. They are: Nellie Aghajanyan, Gianna Alexanderian, Harout Artinian, Nara Behbahani, Avedis Bell, Ariana Bouthiete, Emma Fontes, Isabel Fontes, Armen Galaian, Stepan Guzelian, Julia Kebadjian, David Oganesian, Lori Panossian, Gassia Sarkissian, Tatevik Sarkissian, liana Seraderian,

Arman Stepanian, Belissa Tamburrini, Chloe Tinkjian, Gacia Tokadjian, and Nairi Yacubian.

The fifth grade graduating class

On June 17, 13 students graduated from the Elementary School. They are: Taline Antoine, Chris ashjian, Alec Der-Sirakian, Alique Haserjian, Sophia Kahvejian, Vana Karaguesian, Alexander Nalbandyan, Andrew Sarkissian, Sevan Soukiasian, Alique Stepanian, Sevana Stepanian, Benjamin Surenian, and Izabell Tenekedzhyan.


Awards 2016

I- Awards for Excellence in Armenian Studies (Grade 5)

Prelacy Award: Chris Ashjian, Andrew Sarkissian, Benjamin Surenian, Alique Stepanian, Sevana Stepanian, Alique Haserjian, and Vana Karaguezian

School Award: Izabell Tenekwedzhyan, Sophia Kahvejian, Taline Antoine, Alec DerSirakian, Alexander Nalbandyan, and Sevan Soukiassian

Armenian Relief Society Award: Bianca Tamburrini (Grade 4)


II- President’s Education Award (Grade 5)

Presidential Award for Academic Excellence: Benjamin Surenian, Sophia Kahvejian, Andrew Sarkissian, Alique Stepanian, and Chris Ashjian

Presidential Award for Academic Achievement: Alique Haserjian, Sevan Soukiasian, and Alec Der Sirakian


III- American Citizenship Award (Grade 5): Vana Karaguesian


IV-Certificate of Recognition (Grade 5)

-Excellence in Language Arts: Taline Antoine and Vana Karaguesian

-Special Strength in Math: Sevana Stepanian

-Special strength in Social Studies: Alexander Nalbandyan

-Interest in Science: Izabell Tenekzhyan


VI-Nishan and Arshalouys Najarian Scholarship Fund for Music and Art: ($200 each) (Grade 4)

Sienna Soghomonian (Art) and Gregory Tinkjian (Music)


VII-Anahid Kazazian Scholarship for Excellence in Armenian Studies ($100 each) (Grade 4)

Krikor Iskenderian and Maral Abrahamian


V- ARS Essay Contest (Grade 4)

1st Place: Zepure Merdinoglu

2nd Place: Antrias Kahvejian

3rd Place: Gregory Tinkjian

3rd Place: Maral Abrahamian


1st Place (English): Andre Monteiro

2nd Place (English): Sienna Soghomonian


(Grade 5)

1st Place: Sevana Stepanian

1st Place: Alique Stepanian

2nd Place: Chris Ashjian

3rd Place: Vana Karaguezian


2nd Place (English): Taline Antoine

3rd Place (English): Benjamin Surenian



Presidential Award for Educational Excellence: The purpose of this award is to recognize the academic success of students who have excelled in their studies and who have earned high scores in the Standardized Tests.

Presidential Award for Educational Achievement: The purpose of this award is to reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school.

The American Citizenship Award Recognizes students who:

– Show a positive attitude toward classmates, school, and community

– Display an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility

– Possess strength of character and the courage to do what is right

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School 2016 Graduation Ceremonies