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Urge New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu to Divest His Family’s Interest in Anglo-Asian Mining

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We are asking Governor Chris Sununu, who is currently serving his third term as the governor of New Hampshire, to divest his family’s interest in Anglo-Asian Mining. Anglo-Asian is profiteering from the dangerous deal that Russia and Turkey brokered on November 9, 2020. After 44 days of unprecedented attacks on the Artsakh Republic, the indigenous Armenian lands (Artsakh is Armenian) were subjugated by Azerbaijan giving rise to more than 100,000 refugees and causing the deaths of over 5,000 people.

Governor Sununu’s Father, John H. Sununu, is the former governor of New Hampshire and has had other numerous political and commercial business affiliations of influence, has a 9 percent stake in Anglo-Asian Mining worth $16 million. Additionally, Governor Sununu’s brother Michael Sununu was recently appointed as a Non-Executive Director to this company. This involvement enables the Sununus to profiteer from this human rights catastrophe.

With Azerbaijan in control of most of Artsakh, Anglo-Asian Mining has rights to mine in the region. Not only did the stock price of Anglo-Asian go up after the deal was announced, Anglo-Asian Mining released a statement welcoming the “liberation” of the Kovsakan, a mineral-rich area in the Kashatagh region. Anglo-Asian Mining released the following statement:

“The company welcomes these developments and is in close contact with the Government of Azerbaijan regarding co-operation on the future development of the Zangilan [Kashatagh] district,” announced Anglo Asian. “However, the timeline for any investigation and commercial exploitation of Vejnaly [Kovsakan]is unknown as it depends, inter alia, upon safe access to the Zangilan [Kashatagh]district and security of the contract area. However, once secure, the company plans to immediately start work at Vejnaly [Kovsakan].”

The “liberation” of these “occupied territories” over the course of 44 days in reality was the annihilation of the indigenous Armenians of Artsakh, creating a refugee crisis and thousands of deaths.

The so-called “liberation” of the Kashatagh and other regions is the next phase of genocide of Armenians confirmed by recent public statements by Presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan Recep Tayip Erdogan and Ilham Aliyev. These genocidal authoritarian regimes have publicly stated their plans to annihilate Armenians and centuries old churches, monuments and cultural heritage sites, eradicating all signs of Armenians from their millennia old homeland.

It is dishonorable and appalling that the Sununus are profiteering from genocide.

Take these three steps today to ask Governor Sununu and his family to divest from Anglo-Asian Mining Plc.

1- Call Governor Sununu

Call Governor Sununu

Leave a message demanding that he and his family divest their interest in Anglo-Asian Mining to end the cycle of genocide and protect the indigenous Christian Armenians living in the region.

2- Click here to send a pre-written tweet asking Governor Sununu to divest his family’s interest in Anglo-Asian Mining

When will #SununuFamily stop taking blood money from #Azerbaijan’s corrupt, oil-rich Aliyev regime against #Armenians in #Artsakh and #Armenia – the world’s first Christian nation?

3- Write to Governor Sununu at anca.org/SununuWrite

Click here to send an email with a pre-written message to Governor Sununu.

If your browser does not support this functionality, use the following email address and the text below. If you wish, feel free to customize the subject line and letter.

Here is the list of email addresses:


Here is a sample subject line: Blood on your hands

Here is a sample letter:

Dear Governor Sununu,

You have Armenian friends, neighbors, co-workers and colleagues. You grew up in Salem, NH, home of New Hampshire’s only Armenian church whose congregation has supported your family for decades.

Perhaps you learned about Armenia as an early cradle of Christianity in Sunday School; or, through your family’s Greek Orthodox roots. Those of Orthodox faith have long been the targets of genocide in the Middle East. Certainly, you know about the horrors of the Armenian Genocide and its continued denial by Turkey and Azerbaijan. To this day Armenia – a landlocked, blockaded, partitioned genocide-survivor state – is still struggling to overcome the brutal consequences of this still unpunished crime – including blockades by both Ankara and Baku.

And yet, despite all this, your family continues to have a percentage in Anglo-Asian Mining Plc — a company that celebrates the handing over of centuries-old Armenian religious and cultural sites to Azerbaijan. A company that stands to profit off the innocent civilian Armenian lives brutally taken during a 44-day attack that Azerbaijan launched against the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh in Armenian).

Anglo Asian is a company bowing down to the corrupt, oil-rich dictator of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, to cover up his on-going war crimes against the innocent Armenian civilians rightfully residing in Artsakh.

The indigenous Armenians of Artsakh were:

  • Bombed indiscriminately as helpless civilians;
  • Killed in drone strikes through the use of banned cluster munitions, burned with white phosphorus and beheaded in many instances by ISIS jihadist terrorists recruited from Syria.

All of this inhumane behavior on the part of Azerbaijan and Turkey paved the way for Anglo-Asian Mining to enter the region and begin mining with utter disregard for the present day genocide of the Armenians — increasing the company’s stock price and significantly contributing to your family’s financial gain from its ownership in Anglo-Asian Mining.

As far as the broader Armenian American community is concerned, you and your family’s hands are awash in innocent Armenian blood.

We ask that you divest your family’s interest in Anglo-Asian Mining immediately.