Syrian Armenian Relief Fund Issues Urgent Appeal

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Syrian Armenian Relief Fund
Hasakeh Armenians Forced To Abandon Homes; SARF Once Again Calls On Community To Mobilize In Support Of Syrian Armenians
Late last week, the Syrian-Armenian Relief Fund held a conference call with its counterpart in Aleppo, “SHDAB”, and confirmed reports of the displacement of the entire Armenian population of Hasakeh, a city in northeastern Syria which came under attack from IS during the past weeks. Sources confirmed that the remaining 35 families (about 200 residents) have fled further north to Qamishli where they have found temporary refuge among relatives and in local centers. We have been informed that “SHDAB”, which receives the bulk of its emergency funding from SARF, has immediately dedicated resources to aid the fleeing refugees, securing food, personal items and shelter in some situations.
At this point, many face uncertainty regarding their immediate fate, let alone any chances of returning to their homes and belongings.
The war in Syria continues to range on and spreads like wildfire from one region to another.
We call upon our community members to once again heed to our call to action by donating generously to help our sisters and brothers who today, more than ever, need our immediate response.
Donate Now! Online: or by mailing a check to: SARF, P.O. Box 1948, Glendale, CA 91209.

Source: Daily
Link: Syrian Armenian Relief Fund Issues Urgent Appeal