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Take Action for Syrian Armenians

Call on President Obama and Congress to take immediate action on two key fronts

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Demand that the US Government address the immediate needs of the Syrian Armenian community, by urging action on the following two fronts:

1) In Syria: Ensure that U.S. and international aid actually reaches Armenians and other at-risk populations. (Gaps in the delivery of assistance have left many communities – particularly minority populations – outside the stream of international relief supplies and support.)

2) In Armenia: Provide direct U.S. support and increased international aid for Armenia’s refugee and resettlement programs (Armenia has, to date, received only very limited international aid for rental subsidies, social services, work-training, health care, and other basic needs.)

Send letters to President Obama, as well as your Senators and Representative today to share your concerns regarding the plight of the Syrian Armenian community. Simply type in your name, address, email and phone number below and click “Submit”

Then, review and revise the letter to the President on the next page and then click “Submit.”