Tavlian Kindergarten Class of 2015 Graduates With A Bang

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PASADENA—Tavlian kindergartners said goodbye to their school and teachers with a bang on Sunday, June 7, 2015. The program that much older and more experienced performers could not have done any better, was by far the best of many great events the school has presented.
The ceremony was divided into three distinct parts:  The commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, the English and Armenian performances, and the presentation of diplomas. Every one of the twenty two graduating students danced, sang, and recited like a professional and delighted a captivated audience.
The program started with His Eminence Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian reciting a prayer and addressing the parents and teachers.
Children walked on the stage, carrying forget-me-not flowers they pinned to a white board to write the number 100 in commemoration of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, and recited a promise not to forget and to demand justice for our martyrs. They sang patriotic Armenian and American songs, and their school hymn. Tavlian is the only Armenian kindergarten with an official hymn.
Once more the children appeared on stage, clad in different uniforms, and recited in English their respective job choices and the reasons behind them.
Kindergarten homeroom teacher Mary Donoyan, English teacher Caroline Ghazarossian, school director Helen Manoucherian, and Board of Regents’ representative Dr. Houri Keuroghlian all gave heartfelt speeches.
Mary Donoyan invited His Eminence Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Dr. Houri Keuroghlian, and school board members Souzi Khanzadian, Armig Marganian, and Dikran Tabakian, to approach the podium and present school director Helen Manoucherian with a surprise award for her dedication and 20 years of hard work to make Tavlian the gem that it is today.
The most impressive portion of the program opened with an Armenian village scene fully decorated with authentic utensils, tools, and appliances, mostly handmade by the teachers, the fathers’ club and Jora Manoucherian. A beautiful Armenian melody rang and children dressed in hand-sewn Armenian folk costumes entered the stage. They performed old folk songs and danced to the call of zoorna. They received a standing ovation from proud parents and other family members and friends.
At last they were presented with their diplomas by their homeroom teacher, Mary Donoyan, and school director Helen Manoucherian, and given a blessing by Father Boghos Baltayan. It was an emotionally charged ceremony.

Source: Daily
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