The ARF is the Only Party to Address Javakhk-Armenians in its Platform

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YEREVAN (A.W.)— Representatives of the Armenian community of were recently in Yerevan to meet with representatives of the participating political parties and blocs participating in the upcoming Parliamentary elections in Armenia, to discuss the problems the Armenian community of Javakhk faces, and to seek ways of further cooperation.

The Akhalkalak Fortress in Javakhk (Photo: Dickran Khodanian)

On March 13, the representatives met with members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). During the meeting, they voiced their concerns regarding the socio-economic, healthcare, cultural, and political issues of the Javakhk community.

“The issues that the Armenians of Javakhk face are diverse and multifaceted, especially in Samtskhe Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli,” said Artak Gabrielyan, the representative of the Council of Armenian Organizations of Samstskhe Javakheti and Kvermo Kartli.

Gabrielyan stressed that the main issue in recent years has been the increase of the Turkish and Azerbaijani population in the region.

“I believe that the ARF has great potential to utilize its resources from around the world to support the Armenians of Javakhk during their time of need and to solve the issues at hand,” added Gabrielyan,

ARF Bureau member and head of the party’s political affairs Giro Manoyan said that the ARF is the only political party that addresses the issues of the Armenians of Javakhk in its electoral platform.

“In order to strengthen the relations between Armenia and Georgia, it is necessary to solve the problems of the Armenians in Georgia and Javakhk,” said Manoyan

During the meeting, the ARF presented their ideas to the representatives of Javakhk and asked questions about the current state of the community.

“I believe the meeting went well and they were very satisfied with it,” said Manoyan.  “It was clear that our approach to Javakhk was appreciated by them since this isn’t our first time we are dealing with the issues there,” concluded Manoyan.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: The ARF is the Only Party to Address Javakhk-Armenians in its Platform