The Quest for Glory: The Ferrahian Armens Seek to be Champions Once Again

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Ferrahian Boys Varsity Basketball Team 2017

Ferrahian Boys Varsity Basketball Team 2017


The echoes of zealous fans screaming, “I believe that we have won!” filled the Ferrahian gym as the Armens Boys Varsity team sealed their six-point lead at the final whistle. The spirit and energy of the fans allowed the Armens to pull through in what was a tight semi-final contest, beating the Valley Torah Wolf Pack 65-59 on Saturday night.

They had made it. They were moving on to the CIF SS Division 5AA championships. The one obstacle standing in their way is Rolling Hills Prep. The Huskies occupy the first seed in the CIF playoffs while the Armens are the three seed. Both teams will bring determination and will to the court this Saturday at 10am at Godinez High School in Santa Ana but only one will prevail.

“We play each playoff game like it’s our last and that is what motivates us to give our 110% every game,” stated starting forward Shant Arslanian commenting on the Ferrahian Armens recent successful run in the CIF playoffs. “We need to be focused on the game and only the game,” added Arslanian, whose senior leadership and a never-say-die attitude helped propel the team to the cusp of glory.

“Play with a sense of urgency, energy, and heart. At the end of the day, it’s just another game,” says starting point guard Alex Iskenderian. Iskenderian has been instrumental in the Armens season, showing a clinical decision-making process and great shot-making expertise.

In the championship game the Armens will have the support of not only Ferrahian students and alumni, but also members from different parts of the Armenian community.  Whatever the result of the game, the Armens will be involved in the state playoffs. This is because the top two finalists of the CIF playoffs move on automatically to the state competition regardless of the outcome of the championship game. Saturday, the Armens will be looking to reclaim their title and we wish them the best of luck.

Source: Asbarez
Link: The Quest for Glory: The Ferrahian Armens Seek to be Champions Once Again