Thirty-Seven Syrian-Armenians Relocated to Armenia by IDeA Foundation

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YEREVAN—Thirty-seven Syrian-Armenians have been relocated from Aleppo to Armenia as part of the “Aid to Syrian Armenians” initiative carried out by the IDeA Foundation. Another 18 people have expressed their desire to the “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization (NGO) to be relocated to Armenia.

IDeA foundation has thus far relocated 37 Syrian Armenians from Aleppo to Armenia as part of the ‘Aid to Syrian-Armenians.’ (Photo: IDeA Foundation)

On Oct. 15, the IDeA Foundation (Charitable Foundation Initiatives for Development of Armenia) stated that it will provide $250,000 in support of Syrian-Armenians. This sum is contributed between four partners: the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), the “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization (NGO), Mission Armenia NGO and RepatArmenia Foundation, for the planning and implementation of the following projects:

  • Aid to those who continue to remain in Syria (AGBU)
  • Aid to those who seek temporary refuge outside Syrian borders (Mission Armenia)
  • Aid to those who have decided to relocate to Armenia (Aleppo NGO)
  • Aid to those who want to work and live in Armenia (RepatArmenia)

In order to assess the needs of Syrian Armenians, as part of the “Aid to Syrian-Armenians” initiative, Mission Armenia and RepatArmenia held discussions and developed projects which will be launched in Jan. 2017. Mission Armenia NGO will start to cover the rental housing expenses of Syrian-Armenians in Armenia through funds provided by the IDeA Foundation.

Various organizations and individuals have joined the IDeA Foundation’s call of support to the Syrian Armenians, with donations totaling 10,784,000 AMD so far.

All those who would like to provide financial support to AGBU, Mission Armenia NGO, Aleppo NGO, and RepatArmenia can find the requisite banking details on this link.

All offers of lodging or job placements, training and all other suggestions can be sent via e-mail to or by phone on +374 (0) 60 700801.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Thirty-Seven Syrian-Armenians Relocated to Armenia by IDeA Foundation