Two Armenians Killed In Aleppo Shelling Attack

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Destruction in the aftermath of fighting in Aleppo, Syria (Source: SANA)
ALEPPO (Kantsasar)—A number of Aleppo districts came under shelling over the weekend, killing two Armenians, reports Kantsasar newspaper.
The victims were identified as Karo Mkrtichyan and Edward Petrosyan, who were killed when the Qasser al-Baladi municipality building came under fire on Friday, June 20. 9 civilians were killed in total, and several dozens injured.
Last week Asbarez reported the injury of one Armenian as a result of another shelling attack in Aleppo. Fernant Nikoghosyan was reportedly injured during the most lethal rebel bombardment the city has seen since the conflict in Syria began four years ago, according to one monitoring group speaking to Reuters.

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Link: Two Armenians Killed In Aleppo Shelling Attack