Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Aug. 29, 2015)

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The Winning Attitude

We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.

… Vince Lombardi


A Modern Aphorism

It’s the few that help us tolerate the many.


Newspaper Headline

Tourists Asked to Leave Keys as Florida Prepares for Storm


Politeness Counts

A man is descending in an apartment elevator when the car stops on a lower floor, and a nude woman enters the car. The man is at a loss as to what to say. Feeling that he should say something, he blurts out, “My wife has an outfit just like yours.”


Literary Errors

The Ghost, in Hamlet, is evidently a Roman Catholic: he talks of purgatory, absolution, and other Catholic dogmas, but the Danes at the time were pagans.



Chastity belt: an antitrust suit.

Unchivalrous knight: the one who files it.


What’s in a Name?

Karabasanian: Turkish in derivation, identified as a descriptive term, kara is defined as black, and basan as nightmare.

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