Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Dec. 17, 2016)

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Egyptian Proverb

No one can circumvent the skillful of heart. They who know his wisdom do not attack him, and no misfortune occurs where he is. Truth comes to him fully brewed, in accordance with the sayings of the ancestors.


From the Trivia File

The Chatookee is an Indian bird that never drinks at a stream, but catches the rain drops in falling.

            Account of the Baptist Missionaries


From the Word Lab

Beg: a title generally given to lieutenants of provinces under the grand signior, but rarely to supreme princes. Occasionally, however, the Persian emperors have added the title to their names, as Hagmet beg, Alman beg, Morad beg, etc.

            Selden: Titles of Honour



I can’t cheat God;

I can’t cheat the Devil;

So I may as well live honestly.


Birds of a Feather

Alexander of Macedon, when asked if he would run a course at the Olympic games, replied, “Yes, if my competitors are all kings.”


The Acid Test

Bouzji Khosrof (To his physician): Doctor, I’m not happy with the way you’re treating me; so I’ve called in another doctor. And what’s more, he said your diagnosis is all wrong.

Dr. Achkepats: Is that so? Well, the autopsy will show who is right.


What’s in a Name?

Tarjimanian: Arabic in derivation, identified as an occupation, tarjiman is defined as an interpreter, dragoman, translator.

Source: Armenian Weekly
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