Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Jan. 21, 2017)

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A Modern Aphorism

Weakness of character is often mistaken for modesty.


Freudian Slip

A district attorney with a reputation for badgering witnesses gave everyone in court a big laugh when he said to the judge, “The persecution rests.”


Russian Proverb

A kind word is better than a big pie.


From the Armenian Herbalist

The black seeds that Armenians use in Cheoreg and Tel Banir were often referred to by many people as Black Caraway seeds. However, it seems that the term is a misnomer. Using Armenag Bedevian’s Polyglottal Dictionary of Plant Names as a guide, we have listed the official name of the seed in eight different languages, as follows:

Latin: Nigella sativa

Arabic: Hhabbah sawda’, Hhabbet el barakah, Kamun aswad, Shuniz

Armenian: Arjntegh, Sonij, Sev sonij, Shoniz, Sev hndig, Sev kndig

English: Black cumin, Common fennel flower

French: Nigelle, Nielle, Toute epice, Cumin noir, Araignee, Quatre epices

German: Echter schwarzkummel

Italian: Nigella, Gittaione, Cuminella, Erba spezie, Melanzio domestico

Turkish: Coreg otu, Karamuk, Sehniz


A Pungent Expression

“He doesn’t have his head screwed on right!”


From My Persian Dictionary

Arak: spirits (liquor)

Kúchik: little (small)

Jigar: liver

Haml: load


What’s in a Name?

Simsarian: Arabic in derivation, current in Turkish, simsar is defined as broker; middleman; commission agent.

Source: Armenian Weekly
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