‘With Artsakh’ to Participate in Navasartian Games

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WIth Artsakh Campaign aims to raise funds to rebuild impacted villages in Artsakh

WIth Artsakh Campaign aims to raise funds to rebuild impacted villages in Artsakh

VAN NUYS—The Armenian Cultural Foundation’s “With Artsakh” campaign is spearheading its efforts to participate in Homenetmen’s 2016 Navasartian Games. Well-known for its athletic tournaments and festival attractions, the large-scale community-wide event draws in thousands of spectators annually over a four-day period.

This year’s Navasartian Finals & Festival, to be held from June 30-July 3 on the grounds of Birmingham High School (17000 Haynes St, Van Nuys, CA 91406), will see a full-force presence of the “With Artsakh” theme throughout the weekend.

“With Artsakh, For Artsakh” team members and volunteers will be standing by in their designated booth, among numerous others lining the campus, to network with the community, raise public awareness on the needs of Artsakh’s population, and collect funds that will provide valuable assistance to the region following the unwarranted military aggression and attacks on Artsakh’s borders by Azerbaijain in the early days of April 2016.

The public can make donations to the campaign by way of cash, check or any major credit card, by visiting the “”With Artsakh” booth or completing a pledge card to be placed in drop boxes conveniently located throughout the festival grounds.

The ACF’s “With Artsakh” campaign invites community members to bring their helpful support to this cause, which necessitates pressing attention, aims to alleviate struggles, and will have far-reaching impacts on improving the conditions of Armenians in Artsakh, who are left to contend with the painful consequences of the recent Four-Day War.

The ACF “With Artsakh” Campaign, adhering to the motto of “With Artsakh, For Artsakh,” is proud to be working in cooperation with organizations across the Western United States, including the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Armenian Youth Federation, Armenian Relief Society, Hamazkayin, Homenetmen, and the Western Prelacy.

Source: Asbarez
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