World Champion Footballer to Participate in Yerevan Half Marathon

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The Yerevan Half Marathon will take place on October 4 (Source:

The Yerevan Half Marathon will take place on October 4 (Source:

YEREVAN—Former French football world champion Yuri Djorkaeff has arrived in Armenia to participate in the Yerevan RunArm 2015 half marathon.

On October 4, Yerevan will host its first ever half marathon. Starting at 10:00am, hundreds of runners will head from the start line to run together across the city’s beautiful streets, historical buildings, enjoying the view of the highlands and fresh southern air. The event is organized with the support of Yerevan City Hall, the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Armenian Athletic Federation.

Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF) team members will also run in the marathon to raise money to purchase web-domains for women producers in Armenia. Running is no easy feat, but running for a cause makes them proud of what they do. What started as a stem in the name of fitness can mushroom into a forest of funds for talented women in the regions of Armenia.

Currently, the HDIF website and those of six of their producer partners are administered by an outside company. Getting timely ownership of web domains is crucial, as once the company gains popularity, the price hike of its web domain becomes a real challenge. Buying the web domains at current prices, HDIF and its 6 producers will get a full ownership of the web domains, and will avoid the challenge of a price hike.

Those willing to contribute to the economic empowerment of women can donate to support the HDIF team to participate in the marathon.

The race will commence from Yerevan’s central Republic Square. The half-marathon will include four races—half-marathon (21,097 km), a half-marathon relay race (2 x 10,550 km), a 5 km running race, and a 2.5 km running race for teenagers.

Donors can track the Marathon results online through HDIF’s Facebook page and twits. Instagram will share photos right from the marathon.

HDIF is committed to the creation of jobs for women in the regions of Armenia and aims to draw the public attention to a greater cause through participating in the marathon.

For more information about the event contact Ani Berberyan at or 077 569644.

Source: Asbarez
Link: World Champion Footballer to Participate in Yerevan Half Marathon