Nation's Leading Civil Rights Organization Joins Broad-based Coalition Backing Legislation
Sep 17, 2002
ANCA Opposes Measure to Reward Turkey; Calls for U.S.-Armenia Trade Incentives to Help Offset Economic Impact of Turkish Blockade on Armenia
Sep 17, 2002
Minister Oskanian Stresses Armenia's Opposition to Genocide Denial; Reminds U.N. Delegates that "Nagorno Karabagh has Never been a Part of Independent Azerbaijan"
Sep 16, 2002
Approves $3.75 Million in Military Assistance
Sep 5, 2002
73 - 4 Vote Is a Display of Bill's Strong Bi-Partisan Support In the Legislature
Aug 28, 2002
Describes Legislation as "an Important Statement of Congress's Enduring Support for the Genocide Convention
Aug 28, 2002
-- Publication Presents a Comprehensive Picture of the Systematic and Systemic Nature of Human Rights Violations in Turkey During the 20th Century
Aug 20, 2002
Armenian Genocide Played Central Role in the Debate Over the 1986 U.S. Ratification and 1988 Implentation of Genocide Convention
Aug 19, 2002
Describes Senate Legislation as "Best Approach at this Time"
Aug 17, 2002