ANCA Fly-In for #NKPeace National Campaign Gives Voice to Survivors of Azerbaijani Aggression
Dec 15, 2015
DETROIT, MI — The Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region (ANCA-ER) honored renowned lawyer, writer, and human rights activist Fethiye Çetin with its highest honor, ANCA
Nov 20, 2015
DETROIT, MI — Turkey-based human rights activist Sayat Tekir travelled to the United States to accept this year’s Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region (ANCA-ER) Activ
Nov 20, 2015
The 9th Annual Banquet Brings Together Hundreds of Activists from Around the Midwest
Nov 20, 2015
ANC of New York, St. Illuminator’s Cathedral, and other Co-sponsoring Organizations Host Indian-American Author
Nov 11, 2015
Robert Avetisyan Will Also Speak at ANCA-ER Workshop
Nov 8, 2015
Nor Zartonk Spokesman Sayat Tekir will be in Boston on November 12
Nov 2, 2015
Brighton, MI — The Armenian National Committee of Michigan delegation discussed major topics of concern for Armenian Americans of Michigan’s 8th Congressional district in their meetin
Oct 26, 2015
Armen Topouzian, the late John Kchikian, and the Nor Zartonk Movement to be Honored with Special Awards
Oct 21, 2015
ANC of NY and other co-sponsoring organizations will host fiction novelist Abie Alexander for a book signing ceremony at the Armenian Center in Queens
Oct 21, 2015