Congressman Wolf Calls President Clinton's Meeting with Aliyev a "Mistake"
May 30, 2000
Pallone, Rogan, Knollenberg Review U.S.-Armenian Cooperation with Armenian Colleagues
May 10, 2000
Capitol Hill Event Features Bipartisan Support for H.Res.398
May 6, 2000
Legislators Call on Turkey to Abandon Campaign to Deny the Armenian Genocide
Apr 13, 2000
Condemns "Systematic Murder of as many as One and a Half Million Armenians," but Fails Again to Describe Armenian Genocide as a "Genocide"
Feb 24, 2000
Republican Candidate Calls on Americans to Remember and Acknowledge "Facts and Lessons" of the "Genocidal Campaign" against the Armenians
Feb 20, 2000
Response to ANCA Postcard Campaign Calls upon Turkey to Acknowledge Armenian Genocide; Defends Section 907; Cites U.S.-Armenia Relations as the "Bedrock" of Peace and Stability in the Caucasus
Jan 13, 2000