ANC of Pennsylvania Leads Successful Campaign Against Oz in US Senate

November 17, 2022

Philadelphia, PA – The Armenian National Committee of Pennsylvania, an extension of the ANCA Eastern Region’s grassroots chapters, led by ANC of PA co-chairs Karine Shamlian, Lorig Baronian, Nora Kzirian, Alidz Oshagan and Dr. Ara Chalian organized a successful grassroots advocacy campaign over the last year that played an instrumental role in keeping genocide-denier Dr. Mehmet Oz out of the United States Senate during the pivotal mid-term elections last week.  

On behalf of the ANC of Pennsylvania, I am so proud of our community who stood shoulder to shoulder with our coalition partners in putting an end to Oz’s campaign for U.S. Senate. There is no room in Congress for a genocide denier and I couldn’t be happier to think that the last year’s efforts paid off tenfold,” said Lorig Baronian, ANC of Pennsylvania co-chair. 

Over the course of the last year, the team organized voter information sessions, protests, and worked alongside coalition partners in the Assyrian, Greek, Jewish and Kurdish communities to call attention to Oz’s relationship with racist and hostile dictator, Recep Erdogan, as well as a host of other issues that made Oz unfit for a role as a US Senator including his role as a foreign agent through his work with government owned and operated Turkish Airlines. 

The advocacy efforts of the ANC of PA led to both local and national media attention on NBC News, Forbes, and Philadelphia Inquirer to name a few – which allowed the team to educate voters both Armenian and non-Armenian on the dangers Oz posed if elected. With an election that concerned voters not only in Keystone State but across the region and nation, the grassroots advocacy team was able to stop the atrocities that would have ensued with an overt genocide denier being able to play a role in Congress. 

“Our work in Pennsylvania is proof that grassroots makes a difference. Without the dedicated and concerted effort of our ANC of PA activists this past year, we may have witnessed a genocide denier walk the halls of Congress. Hai Tahd is powered by the people and we witnessed that in the Keystone State, among others. We encourage you to join us in our advocacy efforts to bring justice to the Armenian Nation,” said Dr. Ara Chalian, ANC of PA member and ANCA Eastern Region Board Chair. 


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